What we teach

Kenpo Karate is a system of self-defence utilising quick hand combinations and kicks in conjunction with natural body mechanics. A very practical system of self-defence, 5.0 Kenpo was pioneered by Edmund K. Parker, Sr. in the 1950s and 60s. Applying logic to traditional knowledge drawn from a mixture of cultures, Mr. Parker blended methods and techniques that could be tailored to the needs, goals, and abilities of each practitioner. Students learn forms, (katas) self-defence techniques, and sparring techniques to improve physical fitness (body), focus and self-control (mind), and self-confidence and self-discipline (spirit).

To modernise our practice and make it more applicable to self defence situations we have also incorporated techniques from various other martial art disciplines.

We believe that consistency in training and a consistent, methodical approach to other endeavors will lead to success in all aspects of life. 5.0 is the evolution of the Art from its original base and now includes defence for ground fighting. Visit www.jeffspeakman.com for further information. The 5.0 component of Rising Dragon allows a student the ability to walk into any Jeff Speakman school (currently in 21 countries), and train with fellow students. Grades are strictly monitored and there is no “fast tracking of students” prevalent in other styles. There is a yearly seminar held in Las Vegas as well as competition worldwide.

Your Kenpo journey is just beginning.  The discipline, control, perseverance, and hard work that are required to master the martial arts will result in enormous satisfaction for a job well done.  Keep in mind that your responsibility as a martial artist is to develop yourself in a positive manner physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Train Hard,  Train Regularly,  Train Intelligently  and Make No Excuses.   The results will be well worth the effort