Our Instructors

Levon Church

5th Degree Shaolin Kempo & 3rd Degree Kenpo 5.0 

Levon Church 5th Degree Shaolin Kempo & 3rd Degree Kenpo 5.0 Levon is the Head instructor at the club. Along with his Dad and brother, Levon has been actively involved with teaching learning and having fun with martial arts over 20 years. Levon specialises in the technical aspects and is responsible for class planning and maintaining the high standards of the Jeff Speakman 5.0 curriculum.

As the head instructor Levon is living his dream of being a (nearly) full time martial arts instructor, this brings with it a higher level of professionalism. This shows in the results that our students consistently achieve in national and world Kenpo events. His desire is to take Kenpo to the next level.

Chris Church

5th Degree Shaolin Kempo & 2nd Degree Kenpo 5.0 

Chris started martial arts the same day as his two sons, he took them along to “take a look” and now over 20 years later is still at it. He has been running and instructing Kenpo classes for over 15 years. He has been lucky enough to attend a vast number of seminars with Kenpo and Martial Arts legends and brings that knowledge and experience into the dojo. He has been lucky enough to watch his sons and wife qualify through to 4th and 5th degree black belts in one style of Kenpo and then together restart their training in another style. This is a journey that he shares with all his students.

In adddition to Kenpo, Chris also has a degree in Massage and runs his own massage clinic, in between training sessions.

Annette Church

4th Degree Shaolin Kempo & 2nd Degree Kenpo 5.0

Annette has been training in Martial Arts for the past 19 years in both American Kenpo, Shaolin Kempo and Tai Chi. Annette also instructs on the dojo floor and her mantra is “work hard”. Annette particularly likes instructing females and making sure that Martial Arts is effective, being of a smaller stature than her husband, she has had to find a way to make Kenpo work for her. Accuracy, courage and a willingness to explore different options while staying within the guidelines set out by our head instructor Mr Speakman has been the way forward for her.

Travelling overseas to work with Mr Speakman and several of his senior black belts has shown her how adaptable the Kenpo 5.0 system really is, combine that with her Tai Chi and Chinese Kenpo training makes her a valuable instructor in any dojo.