Student Information

Student Information

Character Stripes

The martial arts are dedicated to developing character. To encourage these traits students may earn special stripes, which are placed on the left side of their belt.

A Red Stripe is awarded to students who show good self-discipline. This is compulsory for all students in the Little Dragons and Kids class in order for them to receive a grade.

We use a “Best List”, this is list of home chores designed to help out their parents and teach each student about personal self discipline. Each student completes his or her Best List by doing the chores at home for three weeks in a row. They are awarded a red strip when the child shows his/her signed list to an instructor

Download best list here

Black stripes on their belts let the instructors know that the child is progressing along on their syllabus. For each module they complete satisfactorily they receive a stripe, come grading assessment time if they have enough stripes they are able to grade to the next belt.

Attendance/Class Times

Attendance is recorded for all classes. Regular attendance is the key to progress and advancement through the ranks. Low attendance will affect your eligibility to grade to the next belt level. If you will be missing class for an extended period of time due to holidays or other reasons, please notify us via email at


We currently follow the school term holidays. We break at Christmas for 4 weeks.


The purpose of stripe and belt testing is to make sure each student is progressing on schedule. Stripe testing is done to check progress toward the next belt level and can be done by any senior instructor during classes. Associate instructors may stripe test students under the direction of a senior instructor. Belt testing is done to demonstrate proficiency of the requirements for the next color belt.

We have always stressed the eight elements of a Black Belt. They are Self-Esteem, Self-Control, Self-Discipline, Respect for others, Self-Defence, Perseverance in life, Physical Fitness, and Concentration.


We communicate to our students in a number of ways that include Team App, Facebook, Instagram, Emails and our Website. We endeavour to keep you fully informed of any class changes, hall outages, or events.

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Dojo Rules

Safety is of paramount importance to everyone. As with any sport, there is always a possibility of injury. Following the rules of our Dojo, taking time to warm-up and stretch your muscles before class, and exhibiting appropriate self-control on the training floor will greatly reduce the chance of injury.

All students should arrive at the Dojo prepared to learn and determined to get the most from their class. This requires that students demonstrate respect for one another as well as their instructors. Please abide by the following rules at all times:

  • No jewelry on the training floor. (This includes earrings!)
  • Bow on and off the training floor. Stay off the training floor until your class begins.
  • If arriving late for class, wait at the edge of the mat until the instructor calls you onto the mat
  • Foul or abusive language is not tolerated.
  • No running in the Dojo with the exception of running laps for training purposes.
  • No horseplay, loud talking, or other rude or disrespectful behavior.
  • No smoking/No drugs/No alcohol.
  • Students under the age of 16 may not leave the Dojo without a parent or guardian.
  • No unattended or unsupervised children are permitted in the Dojo.

Acceptable behaviour is not only required while in the Dojo, but extends to home, school, and work. Students who do not abide by the Dojo rules will be disciplined in a progressive manner in an effort to help them remember that actions have consequences. Consequences of unacceptable behaviour range from a temporary loss of the student’s belt, return to a lower belt rank, uneligible to grade, or in extreme situations, dismissal from the program.

It is important, especially for our younger students, that expectations for behaviour are consistent at home, school, and in the Dojo. Parents are strongly encouraged to work together with the staff. Please inform your child’s instructor of any problems at home or school.