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Register now for classes starting at Western Springs in Term 4.   Our special trial offer is for 4 classes over 2 weeks and includes a free uniform (uniform valued at $55). All for just $69.00 per student.   Register your details below.

4 classes + 1 uniform = $69.00



Kenpo Karate 5.0


We are a family orientated martial arts club based in Auckland, New Zealand. We operate from three locations – Blockhouse Bay, Mt Albert and Western Springs. Our experienced instructors love to teach and have a real passion for the arts.

Our goal is to help you and your family achieve new levels of fitness and health, self discipline, confidence and focus through the practice of martial arts.

Martial Arts is more than punching and kicking. Its about respect, discipline, and becoming a goal oriented achiever in every aspect of life. And… we know how to have fun!

Our programs are unlike any other and are structured and taught in such a way that students will learn the most effective physical and mental self defence skills available. This is done in an environment that promotes fun, respect, discipline, courtesy, goal setting, friendship and achievement. We take a unified approach to martial art techniques to create well-rounded martial artists with practical effective skills emphasising the development of health, strength and self defence.  Mission Statement – Making Life Better with Martial Arts  



Meet the Team

Train hard, train regularly, train intelligently, never give up!


Levon Church

Head Instructor


Chris Church

Head Instructor


Annette Church




Our Blogs

A bit of advice

A bit of advice from an old hand: Hi everyone as this is our first blog and in light of our new instructor program, we would like to impart some knowledge from our own experience, and from Mr Speakman about dojo etiquette,. We were talking to Mr Speakman recently and he said the way to