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Its all about perserverance!

So if you think you will never get to Black Belt just ask Bella and Krishen. The started at 8 years old, achieved their junior black belts and are now progressing through the adult syllabus. The “Twins” Journey to Junior Black Belts.

World Champs Las Vegas

Its an amazing time for anyone considering going to the World Champs in Las Vegas. The date for 2018 is from July 19-21st. Arriving in Las Vegas by 17 July, will help to acclimatize and you will be well rested prior to grading or competition. Thursday begins with event registration from 2pm-4pm followed by a welcome and senior/black belt grading at 6.30pm. Friday is all day competition, Saturday is seminars from 9.30-3.00 closing the event with the Awards Banquet and Grand Championship Finals at 6pm. It also a good idea to stay Sunday to unwind, visit Grand Canyon, shows, shopping and sightseeing to avoid the mass exodus that occurs on a Sunday afternoon out of las Vegas. This year

A bit of advice

A bit of advice from an old hand: Hi everyone as this is our first blog and in light of our new instructor program, we would like to impart some knowledge from our own experience, and from Mr Speakman about dojo etiquette,. We were talking to Mr Speakman recently and he said the way to behave in anybody’s dojo was to think to yourself “Would I do that if Mr Speakman was here?” What does that mean? It means that before we do or say anything in yours or someone else’s dojo think to yourself would I act like that if Mr Speakman was the chief instructor – which he is. So when we have a different instructor, or
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