Our Teens – Over 13

Teens rule the world – well so they would have you believe.

Teens are certainly more able than the junior students, more dynamic, and their classes reflect that. There is more content in their Karate syllabus and we expect more from them. That doesn’t mean we don’t have fun in these classes but we certainly expect them to step up. They get fit, stronger, more physical and their confidence soars.

Kenpo Karate 5.0 is street smart self defence system, at the teen stage we work on dexterity, reaction, instinct, strength and vision. We have a program designed by Mr Speakman to give everyone the confidence to deal with any situation, by either confronting it straight on or by walking away.

Teens classes are a great way for this age group to make friends with other teens who have similar interests and a positive attitude.

We have a large number of junior black belts in the teens class, these are students who have been with us for many years, been through our systems and know how we work. The leadership programme involves many of these teen who assist through all the grades and classes.

Class Times

    Monday & Wednesday, 5.30pm-6.15pm
    Tuesday & Thursday, 7.15pm-8.00pm
    Tuesday & Thursday, 5.00pm-5.45pm (Coming Soon)


We love the family atmosphere and the time that the Church family all take to be involved with their students and their families.  Rising Dragon and Kenpo have played an integral role in the fantastic young man that our son Callum has become.  You have helped Callum grow and mature. Callum started at 6 years old and is now making further progress as a junior black belt in the instructor programme. It has helped teach Callum valuable skills as well as discipline, commitment, focus, respect, health, mindset, teamwork and selflessness.   In particular he has really come to enjoy being involved in instructing and mentoring other students and sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

Chris, Annette and Levon Church are fantastic role models for the kids. My daughter takes a class there two days a week. She is not only learning self defense techniques but also gaining a life long experience that is improving her self confidence and teaching her to respect herself and others. It’s a great school for our child to learn how to protect, discipline herself and to be respectful, helpful to the others. We love and respect all the teachers there who love our kids and are trying hard to make a difference in their lives. I highly recommend them for both adults and children alike. Everyone should try it !

One thing that really stands out for us about Auckland Kenpo 5.0 is the family-oriented environment, which provides the support for students to thrive and succeed. It may sound cliched, but the school really is one big happy family!