Little Dragons

Little Dragons – 5-7 years

Do you want to make sure your child is learning the right motor skills for their age? The Kenpo Karate 5.0 Little Dragons program is designed to teach them these valuable skills wrapped up in a martial arts bundle.

The Little Dragons programme is high energy, fun filled class especially designed for children 5 – 7 years of age. Your child will develop confidence, focus, balance, discipline, fitness and co-ordination. We emphasize fun, fitness, and fundamentals.

Your child will learn body awareness, coordination skills, and gain confidence. By the time they reach the Kids class at 8 years old, your child will have an excellent grounding, know all the basics, have focus and attention to move forward.

We have three senior instructors for this group at all times. Junior Instructors from the leadership program also assist and everyone enjoys watching the little ones develop. We are all amazed at how quickly they pick things up. There is lots of positive feedback and comments from instructors on just how focused and respectful the little ones are.

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Class Times

    Monday & Wednesday, 4.15pm-4.45pm
    Tuesday & Thursday, 6.00pm-6.30pm
    Tuesday & Thursday, 3.45pm-4.15pm (Coming Soon)


Our kids love learning Kenpo! we are very privileged to be able to see all of our 3 kids share & learn together offering a family base environment which they thoroughly enjoy whilst increasing their skill of self defence & fitness,our kids always looks forward to every class with eagerness and excitement and its a great way to see their friends and have fun

We have three children, aged between six and 11, doing Kenpo with Rising Dragon Martial Arts. The kids are keen, focused and committed; we love the self-confidence and discipline that they are developing from being involved with Kenpo. The grading process really challenges them and there is a fantastic sense of achievement when they earn the next belt. Chris, Annette and Levon are so enthusiastic, with just the right balance of firm and fun. We would thoroughly recommend Rising Dragon Martial Arts to help your children be all they can be.

My kids have been training at Auckland Kenpo 5.0 since they were 5 years old. My 12-year old daughter is now a Junior Black Belt and is working towards becoming a Junior Instructor. My 7-year old son is an Advanced Purple belt. They both love the friends they have made and the family trips we take to compete at tournaments. They have both gained a real sense of accomplishment from being able to take on a challenging technique, form or set and master it.

I have had the pleasure of watching my kids grow leadership skills and the comfort of knowing they have the confidence to defend themselves in a world that doesn’t always share the Kenpo values of strength, wisdom and kindness.