World Champs Las Vegas

Its an amazing time for anyone considering going to the World Champs in Las Vegas. The date for 2018 is from July 19-21st.

Arriving in Las Vegas by 17 July, will help to acclimatize and you will be well rested prior to grading or competition.
Thursday begins with event registration from 2pm-4pm followed by a welcome and senior/black belt grading at 6.30pm. Friday is all day competition, Saturday is seminars from 9.30-3.00 closing the event with the Awards Banquet and Grand Championship Finals at 6pm.

It also a good idea to stay Sunday to unwind, visit Grand Canyon, shows, shopping and sightseeing to avoid the mass exodus that occurs on a Sunday afternoon out of las Vegas. This year we drove from Vegas to L.A. on a Monday morning and kept the rental vehicle until we left L.A. 4 days later knowing that it takes just as much time to get into and out of airports as it is to drive between Vegas and LA. Students like to visit some of the dojos between Vegas and LA, having a vehicle makes it easier to get around. If you decide to come along next year, just let us know so we can coordinate any visits to Pasadena, Whittier, Hesperia, etc.

There was a group of us that went to watch a baseball game in L.A. and had a blast, also visits to the Hollywood walk of fame, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Santa Monica Pier, and various outlet shopping malls usually feature on a trip to the States. For those a bit more adventurous a stroll down on Venice beach can be an eye opener, not really for the younger ones though.

Come on team, lets make it happen!

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