A bit of advice

A bit of advice from an old hand:

Hi everyone as this is our first blog and in light of our new instructor program, we would like to impart some knowledge from our own experience, and from Mr Speakman about dojo etiquette,.

We were talking to Mr Speakman recently and he said the way to behave in anybody’s dojo was to think to yourself “Would I do that if Mr Speakman was here?”

What does that mean?

It means that before we do or say anything in yours or someone else’s dojo think to yourself would I act like that if Mr Speakman was the chief instructor – which he is.

So when we have a different instructor, or if you go to another school, and particularly in front of other students, we need to think to ourselves, would I say that to Mr Speakman. Different instructors may have a different take on a form or technique, it does not make it wrong, it just makes it different, for them you will do it this way, for your instructor you do it that way.

So we do not want to hear in class “Mr Church does it this way” or “Mrs Church said to do it like this”, our new trainee instructors will do their best, you can rely on that. Give them your support.

If you have any concerns come and see us and ask us quietly.

Have fun and train hard –

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